Kristina (memyselfandi87) wrote in bad_service,


I don't know if this would be considered bad service or not, but...

I'm living in a college dorm, and right across the street is a Subway.  I went to this Subway a lot in the past year between classes and the like.  Today is a Sunday when the freshmen are moving into their respective dorms and there are next to no classes going on.

I was sitting in my room and decided I wanted to go across the street to get a sandwich to bring back to my room.  When I walked into the Subway, there was no one in the line in front of me.  The dining room was fairly full, however.  I could see two or three employees in the back, one of which who was very obviously talking on her cell phone.  The one employee in the front was puttering around the bread ovens and moving the vegetable containers around.  I stood there for a good minute or two before she finally gave me an inquiring look without actually saying anything to me.  I wanted a sandwich on wheat bread.  It took her a good minute or two to figure out that there wasn't any wheat bread that would be ready in a reasonable amount of time.  Fine.  I took white.  She silently took her time putting the cheese and meat on my sandwich before finally asking me if I wanted it toasted or not.  I did, and she put my sandwich in the oven.  She stood there with her back to me with her hands on her hips as if I asked her to turn a cartwheel in front of me.  She took my sandwich out of the oven and just looked at me again without saying anything.

I'm sorry if I interrupted your day, OK?  Geeze!!

I told her what I wanted on my sandwich, and she obliged.  She didn't make any eye contact with me when she asked if I wanted chips or a drink.  She mumbled the amount it would cost me, and she took her time taking the change out of the rolls. 

I can't say that I'll never eat at that Subway again... just not on a weekend.  I'd rather choke down the lovely food they have on campus.  At least the staff over here tries to make conversation and tries to at least pretend to tolerate their job!!
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