Stephanie (princessselene) wrote in bad_service,

credit card annoyance

Ahh, Chevron. Normally I love them, but right now I'm not too pleased with them. I've got a question for you. I don't know if you'll know the answer or not, but I figure what the heck.

Now, I was married last month. I was able to call in and add my husband to the account and have a card sent in his name, but when I tried to change my last name on the account to my married name, they said it was company policy that I had to fax a legal document proving the name change because the account "was opened under your maiden name."

Funny thing is, all they asked for was the account number and the name on the account for confirmation when I called. No verifying mother's maiden name, SSN on the account, nothing. Up to this point, I've had absolutely NO problem changing the name on my credit accounts. Verification of SSN and account number, and it's been able to be changed with no problem. Yet Chevron wants a copy of my driver's license, my social security card with the name change, or my marriage license.

Of course, I've never seen that mentioned in the privacy policy or on the website. All it says is to call the 800 number to change names and/or social security numbers.

I understand that they want to make sure I am who I say I am, but all of the legal paperwork has gone through, including on my credit report. You're a credit card company, yet you cannot use my social security number and pull up my *credit report* to double-check that the new last name matches? The SSN stayed the same, so it's not like it's going to be a big problem. (BTW, I pulled my report, and it has the name change on it.) You're also not verifying SSN when someone calls on their account. Considering the fact that if someone stole that card and called in they could do damn near anything on the account without proper verification, you'll have to excuse me if I'm a little leery of faxing a copy of my driver's license, social security card, or marriage license, considering how prevalent identity theft is these days. Especially if it doesn't say a damn thing about it in your website or privacy policy. I want to see a copy of that company policy, please.

Damn it, all I want to do is change the last name to my new legal married one. Thanks for making it feel like you're trying to punish people who get married because they opened the fucking account under their maiden name. MBNA and the other credit companies I have accounts with didn't have a problem with it once I verified my SSN with them.

I'm considering writing a letter to the head of the company...any suggestions on what to say? I'd be ever so grateful for the help.
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