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Snotty librarian

I went to a local branch of the city library to return some overdue books. There is a woman there with a really snotty attitude. When I was in there before I thought maybe she was having a bad day but yesterday, she was even worse. It's worse too because the other women working there are really, like over-the-top pleasant on any given day. So anyway, I go up to the counter, and she doesn't say "hello," or "can I help you?", there's just kind of a grunt from her lips. I told her the books are overdue. She checked 'em in and said, nastily (I was like wtf?) "the total's over there." Where? Oh, the printer! So I grabbed the receipt from the printer and she said, "5.60..." I handed her a twenty and she said, "We don't have change." Ok. But then she leaned over onto the desk, actually got into my face and said, "I can't change that. Next time, you need to bring in something smaller. Please (def. an afterthought on her part)." You would have thought I had eaten her only baby for lunch and belched in satisfaction afterwards. I didn't give her a fifty or a hundred. The total was five bucks and change, not twenty-five cents. And she really, really didn't have to get in my face like that in any case. She's huge and scary-looking, as a matter of fact, and I'm barely five feet. I hate personal space violators. I told her that I brought what I had, which was true. Not only that but I admittedly forget to return books a lot and have never, evah had problems giving the librarian a twenty before for fines. EVAH. The only thing I can think of is that I'm gender-non-conforming and this bothers her for some reason.

Was it the end of the world? Of course not. But I'd rather not have to deal with this woman once a week, which I'm doing since the branch is closest to where I work and I have to check out a lot of books.
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