oh, did i stutter? (sasssyx) wrote in bad_service,
oh, did i stutter?

my first post ;x

just so you know, i work in a pharmacy. i know how everything works. i can tell when a problem is a real problem, or if someone was slacking.

so a few days before thanksgiving, my grandmother [who has terrible arthritis/separating disks/and osteoperosis in her back] asks me to go pick up her prescriptions from WAL-MART.

now, my grandmother is not stupid. she knows from talking to me how busy a pharmacy gets. so she calls hers in one day, then waits another day or two to go pick them up. so before i leave to pick them up she informs me that she called in 6, but that 2 had to be called in to the doctor for refills, and she'll pick those up next week.

so i wait about 30min in line. i get up to the counter. i tell the girl my grandmothers name/date of birth/how many i need to pick up/what kind of toilet paper she uses.. you get the point. i'm told there's nothing on file and to go down to the next window.

i keep my head on straight because for the 80th time, i work in a pharmacy and know how annoying it is to have a customer stand there and complain, and hold up your line. so i go down the the drop-off window.

i proceed to explain to 'eva' that my grandma called in 6 prescriptions 2 days ago, and knows she's only getting 4 because 2 are being called on. she looks in her computer [very quickly and unthoroughly, might i add] and tells me "no, there's nothing here for her". then she looks at the person in line behind me like she's gonna help them. i keep talking to her "okay, well, i need to have you redo them, then. she called them in 2 days ago".

then she got an attitude. "do you know what medications they are?"

of course, i had forgotten to ask my grandma.
like a nice customer, i tell her "well, i'll have to go call her and find--"

she then cuts me off and makes a really big sigh, then says "UH WHATS THE TELEPHONE NUMBER???" while very blantantly rolling her eyes.

"EXCUSE ME?" i asked her, "i didn't ask YOU to call. if you don't wanna do your job, then LEAVE. but you need to hang up that phone right now because i won't have you calling my grandmother with an attitude like that".

she rolled her eyes again and said "whatever".
i went outside, called my grandma, found out what meds, came back in... and was told 20min and theyd be ready.

meanwhile, i went and filled out a written complaint and dropped it in her manager's box.

then this past week, i had to dreadfully return to the same pharmacy to pick up those other 2 my grandma knew had to be called on.

i get to the counter, tell the girl my grandma's name/date of birth/what meds/her favorite tv show/etc. the girl looks in the box and there's only 1 fillable, and it's not even ready. i'd have to wait 20min. the other one had not been called back yet. i explain to her [nicely, mind you] that it's been 3 weeks since my grandma called them in, and that i would need a record [because i know every pharmacy keeps them] of what dates they called the doctor to try and get a refill. she looked, and they had just called that day.

to not hold up her line, i asked for the pharmacy manager on duty.

i told him very nicely the situation, and that i could understand the doctor taking a week to call back, but could not understand how in 3 weeks, they had not called the doctor at all in the first place. i got a bunch of apologies, but no medication except for 1. and the worst part? the one that had not been called in, is one that pharmacies are not allowed to loan on.. and i knew that. so when she's out, she's out. that's why she made sure to call it in way in advance.

at least i was a lot nicer about it that most of MY pharmacy customers.

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