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Are you called dayofthedeaddog because your service stinks?

Further to this post, I wound up leaving dayofthedeaddog negative feedback, and naturally, s/h/it left me negative feedback in return.

So I've lost my money. I never got the book. I got negative feedback. I had to pay for another copy of the book just so I'd get one (from an entirely different seller, of course).

Seriously. If I'd received the first copy of the book, then why in hell would I go and buy this other copy?

Since dayofthedeaddog only replied to one of about six emails I sent regarding the non-arrival of the book in the first place, I doubt emailing s/h/it with this bit of logic will make any impact whatsoever. But I am still fucking pissed off.

I emailed eBay Customer Support to report it, and should get a reply soon-ish. I doubt there's anything they can do at this stage -- and I know there's nothing PayPal can do, since I left it so long -- but it's worth trying. Gods. I only left it for twelve weeks to give the seller the benefit of the doubt, since the book was coming from the UK to Australia, but now I wish I hadn't bothered.
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