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Anyone else have any problems with Geek Squad?!

First post here, yay!

I've used Geek Squad from Best Buy for many of my computer problems, and I have come to find out that not only do they overcharge, but they also don't know how to take the responsibility of damaged property

Okay, so, I have a laptop, right? Well in October of 05 i was clumsily handling it and BAM! it topples to the floor landing on the side where the cord plugs into my laptop to charge. So I notice that the cord isn't plugged in all the way anymore because the battery icon is now in my toolbar, meaning, basically, that the computer isn't charging.

Shit, and i'm in the middle of typing up a midterm.

So I start having a panic attack because a piece is obviously broken in my laptop so the cord can't plug all the way in- causing me to eventually lose all my battery. My mom calms me down over the phone and tells me to bring it to the Best Buy near my college.

So I do so. Problem gets fixed within a couple weeks. Blah blah blah.

Cut to a couple months later.

Same problem happens again.

I am still under warranty from the last time it was fixed (thank God because it cost well over a hundred dollars). I bring the laptop in and they send a rush on it to the factory to get fixed because it is -in fact- still under warranty. A few days later, I get the call saying it is back in the store...**yippee!** right?


Get the laptop back to my apartment, go to plug it in and sweet sassy molassey, the fucking problem isnt fixed! Confused, I open my laptop and my SPACEBAR AND LETTER "S" KEY ARE MISSING! I can literally feel another panic attack approaching as I speed back to the store. The Geek takes one look at it and profusely apologizes and says he is sending it back right away.

Well, a couple days later, I get a phone call from the factory. Not apologizing, not giving me an explanation. Telling me what I owe them. Oh the muthafuckin nerve of these asshats. After listening to the voicemail, I feel panic attack numero tres coming on as I immediately dial back.

After oh about ten minutes of being passed around everyone in that damn factory, the Geek In Charge of my repair comes on. First thing I ask is the obvious- "Why am I paying for the damage you caused and the problem you were supposed to fix under warranty?"

GIC: "Oh well that wasn't from us. I had my manager take a look at it before I sent it back"
**fucking liar, the initial problem with my laptop wasnt even fixed and if the keys "fell off" sometime after you fixed it, they would have been in my laptop case- which they werent**
me: "Oh um, well if it wasn't from you in the factory, then maybe it was from when you were shipping it back to the store, but it still isnt my fault"
GIC: "Oh that couldn't have happened."
**why the fuck not?**
me: "Okayyy, well I am not paying for the damage that someone affiliated with Best Buy obviously caused."
GIC: "Okay I will have my manager call you back."

Manager calls back and we go back and forth about who is to blame for my poor, damaged laptop. He says he will call back.

Now at this time, I am at home for the weekend and when I hang up the phone with the manager i am livid. I mean I am shaking I am so pissed off. I go into the living room where my mom and dad are sitting and they are in utter disbelief of what is going on. While I am sitting with them, the manager calls back and I say the one thing that I think really made my point loud and clear:

"If you do not fix this problem and insist on charging me, I will call the Better Business Bureau."

And I was damn serious.

FINALLY, the exasperate GIC -not even the manager- lets me know that they "decided" to fix the problems free of charge. Oh how kind.

I get my laptop back and the keys are fixed as well as the cord hole.

One thing I dont -to this day- have is sound.

And it definately worked before this whole fiascal.

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