Danielle (pizza_assassin) wrote in bad_service,

Hi, I'm new to this community and I have a bad service story from my apartment complex that I just remembered.

I moved in here the first of April and it was a cold spring outside. Inside, however was a different story. I'd set the thermostat to 75, it would be 92 degrees. I'd set the thermostat to 60, the apartment stayed 92. I turned the thermostat as low as it would go, it stayed 92. My neighbors came over and remarked on how hot it was compared to their apartment. Nothing short of opening all the doors and windows made it bearable. So about a week after I moved in, I called the maintenance crew and told them that something was wrong with my heat and asked them to come fix it.

The guy came over that day and walked in, walked out, walked in, handed me a receipt and said it was taken care of, and walked off before I could even ask him what he'd done. It took less than five minutes total. I looked at the receipt and it said "Turned off boiler". (We have hot water heating that's piped through the floors and up the baseboards). He didn't fix the thermostat, just turned off the heat all together and said that fixed the problem.

Two weeks later and it was insanely hot in the apartment again. I called the maintenance crew again and the same guy came back. He told me he was turning off the boiler again but it was supposed to get down below freezing again later in the week and he was going to have to turn it back on. I told him that there had to be a way to keep the apartment at a comfortable temperature without turning off the boiler and his response was "Well why don't you just turn on your air conditioner? You can do that you know." It was April! Maybe he doesn't have to pay his electric bills, but I do.

I have a feeling in a month or two, we're going to have to go through the whole thing again. All I know is I'm not turning my AC on in December.

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