R-Dog? (zorbgoink) wrote in bad_service,

Not entirely sure if this was bad_service...more than shitty way of handling something. But I wanted opinions :)

A couple weeks ago it was RIDICULOUSLY hot out. 51 degrees celcius with the humidity factored in. It was HORRIBLE.

A friend and I went downtown to a gelato/candy shop. She happened to be wearing her bathing suit top, because it was SO HOT, and carrying her shirt in her hands. We checked the doors before going in to make sure there was so 'No Shirt, No Service' type sign, and there wasn't, so we happily went in.

Walked past 3 employees on our way to the back of the store (mmm, bulk candy) and shopped for at least 15 minutes before cashing out.

This is the exchange at the register:

Employee: Did you find everything?
Friend: Yup :)
Employee: By the way, you can't wear that top in here.
Friend: Uhm...okay?
Employee: I was waiting until you finished shopping to tell you. It's really rude to just walk around with no shirt on, okay?
Friend: Uh...sorry? I didn't know, you don't have a sign.
Employee: Well obviously you don't go into stores without a shirt. ESPECIALLY since you had your shirt right in your hand. You could have just put it on, you know?
Friend: Well, I wasn't aware I needed to wear one. It's hot out.
Employee: Well next time wear a shirt, okay? You had it RIGHT IN YOUR HAND!!!11 You could have just put it on!
Friend: Okay. Sorry.
Employee: It's just ridiculous.

This was NOT a skimpy bathing suit top and it's not like she was busting out. It covered EVERYTHING.

I mean, yes it's a reasonable request, but she could have at least said SOMETHING when we first walked in. My friend had NO problem with putting it back on, but the girl gave her SUCH attitude about the whole thing.

I just think that there could have been a more polite way to handle it? Maybe?
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