undeserving one (inlonging) wrote in bad_service,
undeserving one

I don't know if this is the right community to post this in...

I work in real estate doing appraisals for residential property. I got a call from a loan officer who wanted me to look at 8 refinances. These properties were just sold August 2nd and he was refinancing. I have no idea why. Anyway, he wanted me to hit some preposterously high values on these things, so I called him back and let him know that there is no way homes that sold 3 weeks ago are going to sell for much higher than they just sold for. He was very angry, and told me if I couldn't get at least a 10% increase he wouldn't keep the job. He told me he was going to cancel this after I had already put a lot of preliminary work into these appraisals. He wouldn't listen to any reason, when I refused to hit his predetermined value, he told me nastily that he'd find someone else who would push value. 

Anyway, anyone who knows anything about the appraisal business knows that we cannot accept orders for predetermined values. Pushing value is illegal with the penalty of losing our license. We get asked all the time, but it's unethical to accept these. If we appraise for predetermined values, the public won't trust us...

However, I've never, NEVER come across someone insisting in a 10% increase in less than 3 weeks. This guy is c.r.a.z.y! The market in California was hot, but never THAT hot...

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