Mikazuki (naishinnou) wrote in bad_service,

Remind me again why I keep going back to Walmart?

Honestly, I HATE that store and yet I've shopped at one several times within the last two months. I HATE Walmart with a passion and prefer to shop at other grocery stores, department stores and retail stores even if it means stopping at several different stores but oh no, the hubby only wanted to stop at one place last night so we'd get home in time for Rockstar: Supernova.

At any rate, the hubby was in the mood for sandwiches last night so we stopped off at the deli. The time, 7:04 PM. I know this by the clock in the deli. There were five people working in the deli but none of them came up to us to find out what we wanted as they were too busy chatting with each other. I abandoned the hubby a minute later to get stuff from the produce section - right across from the deli. I bagged five pounds of tomatoes, a head of lettuce, a pound of grapes, a big piece of ginger. I went back to the shopping cart where I notice my hubby is getting agitated because the woman is taking her sweet ass time. Time on the clock, 7:09 PM. I left again and went a few feet to the bakery and retrieved a cake along with some donuts for the kids. I also decided to look through the birthday cake book since one of the kids has a birthday coming up. Time I got back to the deli portion, 7:11 PM.

Item #1's time stamp 7:14 PM. Two pounds white turkey.
Item #2's time stamp 7:18 PM. One pound baked ham.
Item #3's time stamp 7:20 PM. Half pound roast beef.

And before anyone says, "well maybe they were busy with other customers" let me dispel that. We were the only people in the deli other then the five workers behind the deli counter. "Well maybe they were getting ready to close the deli for the night." Nope, the store is 24/7 and the deli remains open until 10 PM, it was barely after 7 PM. "Well maybe she was cleaning up between cuts so there wouldn't be any cross contamination." Wrong again, she didn't wipe the slicing machine down between cutting different meats, I watched her between the turkey and ham as well as between ham and beef. She was slowly wrapping up each item, that goes back into the case, with plastic wrap but mainly looking at the other woman while chatting.

Finally, at 7:20 we get the last item, the half pound of roast beef and leave. It irked me that it took 16 minutes from us first walking into the deli to getting the three items we wanted. I could understand if we had like six or seven items but we only had three items totally only three and a half pounds.
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