Euthanize (euthanize) wrote in bad_service,

an old bad service story I'd forgotten...

Back in february, the rack and pinion in my car broke. Basically, the steering went out while I was going around a curve on the hill one morning, sending my car veering wildly in whichever direction it felt like. Luckily the rack and pinion wasn't completely busted, because whatever was loose popped back into place and I was able to regain control before anything really bad happened.

So after the rack and pinion was replaced, my car needed a front end alignment. My boyfriend called around until he found a local place that could do it for a bit less than some of the big name auto repair shops. I couldn't take my car in as I had to work, so he dropped it off and left the spare key with them. It was done by Friday, as promised.

Now, as I work from 8:00 - 5:00, have a 45 minute drive from work to home, and they closed at 4:30, they told us it would be no problem picking my car up. They'd put it in the back lot and leave the spare key in the glove box and lock the car up, and I could just come get it whenever, no problem, they do it all the time.

So my boyfriend and I go back at about 6:30 that night to get my car. It's not on the back lot. It's on the front lot, in full view of the road. Every window is rolled down, and the spare key is in the cupholder. Now, remember, it's february. The interior of my car was freezing, and there was a fine layer of frost on the inside of the windshield. Oh, and it stank of cigarette smoke. I don't smoke. People aren't allowed to smoke in my car. I'm guessing someone was inside the car, smoking, and that's why the windows were rolled air it out.

I was beyond pissed. Now, the actual front end alignment they did was good. But I will not ever take my car back there. Since my boyfriend had been the one they'd been dealing with the whole time, he called and complained, and they basically said "so what??". As it's a locally owned shop, there's no corporate office or district manager to complain to, and yes, he did speak to the owner.

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