rosasmom (rosasmom) wrote in bad_service,

INconvenience store

I have an hour commute to work every morning (I'm on my way out after typing this...)--so I know how it is to be awake and having to work at this ungodly hour. Anyway, a few days ago, I stopped at a convenience store to grab a cold soda for my commute. The person ahead of me pays with a large bill. I understand that may be a little frazzling first thing in the morning--when she got to me, she was brusque and SNATCHED my money and practically THREW my change back in my face.
I wasn't thrilled, but ..she was disgruntled, and it was early...(I didn't swear at the girl, or anything. I was nice.)

so anyway, I decided to give THIS one another I go back in yesterday.
I went to pay, but there was someone ahead of me, so I stood patiently waiting. The cashier (a different one from the other day)waves me up--I smile and say Hi, but she ignores me. apparently, she and this guy were just chatting. Witout even speaking to me, she grabs my soda, and rings it up--while continuing to chat with the guy--and then just puts her hand out to take my money--without even telling me the total--still yakking away to this guy. Because I am thirsty and don't really want to have to go to another store, I just pay and leave. She finally throws a half-hearted "have a nice day" at my back and then continues to chat with the guy.
I'm sorry, but I thought customer service was about making sure each customer is taken care of. Would it have been too much to stop yakking to her friend long enough to actually offer good service? It would have only taken all of about 1 minute to say hi, ask me if I found everything, tell me my total, and wish me a GENUINE good day. Honestly, I get calls that last 30 minutes. Although I am silently blowing my head off with my finger-gun at this point, I am STILL polite and try to make sure everything is taken care of, and that the customer hangs up somewhat happier than when they called. All I wanted was a single MINUTE of good customer service.

so...that was it. Never going in there again. maybe I'm the sucky customer, but i still want good service. I give it to my customers the best I can, so I expect the same.

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