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Landlord bad service?

I'm a college student moving out into my first-time apartment. I'm rooming with my best friend, so we didn't mind sharing a room, and went looking for one-bedrooms. Well, we found one that sounded pretty good (location, etc), and decided on that one. During the tour we were told:

-There would be wood floors put in.
-The hallway would be painted.
-We would get a new fridge (in every apartment).
-There was central air (important in Utah summers).

We were just verbally promised this by the person who showed us around, so I'm aware we don't have any real legal help here.

Well, there were wood floors put in. . . but as the time passed, none of the other things materialized. It's not a huge deal (the fridge is old, but seems to work okay), the hallway is just ugly. . . and the AC may or may not work very well (it's in the bathroom. Huh? But I haven't had a chance to test it very well)

I'm just annoyed that the place was misrepresented to us. The landlady claims that we were told this because she thought we wanted the two bedroom, BUT when we toured, we didn't even go in there. The person showing it told us it had already been taken. I told her straight from the start we wanted the one bedroom.

On top of all this, the landlady claimed our place has been professionally cleaned and that any dirt is just "construction dust"-- well, there was no construction in the bathroom, and that place is filthy. She's taking some money off our rent, but on top of everything else. . .

I feel like she's not incredibly trustworthy. I want to send her an e-mail saying that it's we can work with what we have, but we were told several different things when we looked over the place. I don't want to have a bad relationship with her, but I am frustrated by the things we've been told. At worst, she's lying, and at best, she's just not very together.

Should I just try and (politely) express that I'm unhappy about some of this? I feel pretty much okay about the place otherwise, but I do feel it was misrepresented and that bothers me.
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