Stephanie (huntie6451) wrote in bad_service,

Texas Roadhouse

It was a Sunday night and this chain restaurant near us ALWAYS has a long wait, we were a larger party, 8, so we did call ahead seating.  They tell us its going to be an hour and 20 minutes from when we called.  

It was 5:45PM when we called, so we figured we would arrive at 7ish, an hour and 15 minutes after, just incase they could take us early,  so we all get ready pile in the cars and arrive at 7.  They tell us as they give us our light up pager that they are going to have to push two tables together for you guys to sit together.  we think thats fine, we're a big party two tables together is more than acceptable.  

So we wait, and wait, we don't get seated until 45 minutes after our expected time.  Again, not a HUGE deal, its annoying, but things happen, its just an expected time that they give you over the phone and we realize we are a fairly large table so, they may need time arrange our seating. However, when we are finally seated we find that the two tables were NOT pushed together.  In fact, we were seated at two different tables with two different servers, the tables were next to each other, but if you have ever been to this place, its a large, family restaurant and its hard to hear people sitting at your table let alone a table next to you.  Now we have two checks and two tips for a bill that was originally going to be paid by one person.

My annoyance with this is they had over an hour and a half to prepare for a larger party and there was still NO WHERE or NO ONE that was cabable of satisfying an eight top?!  Just annoying, but otherwise the food was good and the servers were nice and prompt, just kind of weird that a place would think that a table of 8 would want to sit 4 and 4 with two different servers...we wanted to come out together for a reason...

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