Amanda M. Rumble (silvergirl0007) wrote in bad_service,
Amanda M. Rumble

Verizon I hate you

I'm moving into an apartment on the 15th. I determined this on August 6th so on the 8th I called the gas and electric companies, had them switch everything. No problem! Then directv goes without a shot but verizon.. I hate you.

I spent 1/2 hr on the phone ordering everything (DSL + Local service), getting my information set up and everything. I ordered on the 8th. It's all good, I get a confirmation email and several others stating what I ordered and phone numbers/service dates. The next day i get an email saying my DSL modem shipped and that good stuff,so I'm thinking OK everything is fine. 2 hours later I get an email saying my order was cancelled. Thanks a ton verizon. I call to try to remedy the situation and get an outsourced person so in frustration i hang up.

I call on the 10th and then it says my order has indeed been cancelled. No one can offer me ANY consolation, I have no explanation. I don't get a sorry for your troubles or anything. So I resubmit the order, i have it re-instated and told them I received the equipment already. So I'm holding onto it.

Cut to the 11th and I get a phone call saying I have 2 orders in. Supposedly something went through online???? It was late in the afternoon and I saw the message on the machine so cut to today, the 14th. I am supposed to have everything turned on tomorrow. They cancel the online order, tell me that my phone service will indeed be turned on tomorrow.

My dsl will not be on until the 25th. WHAT?!!!!

My original service date was the 16th for DSL. Now I'm being told that the systemdoesn't know that I've received the equipment but I'll be kept updated through my email about it. And there is no way an override can't go into effect?

I use the computer for EVERYTHING including but not limited to banking, bills, work (my schedule and all that good stuff), email (work, i'm a computer tech and we receive all noticed by email), and just communication in general.

I'm pretty pissed off that the reason I won't have DSL is because of a fuckup on THEIR end. They cancelled my order without my consent, then they didn't offer an explanation or apology, and I'm going to have to go 10 days in my apartment without the internet. I needed to vent because I don't think there is anything that can be done but UGH.
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