earthendenim (earthendenim) wrote in bad_service,

Not the worst ever, but...

This is a general gripe and the service wasn't terrible, but to the folks at the McDonalds on Huron in Ypsilanti:

Firstly? Speed up. Yes, I'm talking to you. This is the third time in a row I've had to wait a totally unreasonably amount of time (10 minutes +) at a non-peak time.

Secondly? I hate, Hate, HATE when I get my order at a fast-food place, and whoever's packed the bag puts the fries in lying-down and then hands the bag to me so that the carton turns upside-down and all the fries fall out of the carton. Drives me right up the wall. Made my sandwich wrong? Gave me Diet instead of Coke? Forgot to add napkins to the bag? All totally human and ultimately forgivable errors (well, usually). But when I'm driving I really don't want to be doing the one-handed thing, trying to dig cold bagfries out from under my sandwich. Please learn how to put the fries in the bag. Augh! Is this really too much to ask?

No Love,
Next Time I'm Going to Wendy's
Tags: *fast food
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