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Not really a bad service experience but I wanted to talk about it anyway. I managed to get two weeks off (since my boss is such a jerk it was a great acheivement). However, I have a cat and unfortunately I was unable to find anyone to look after her so I boarded her at my vets. They told me it would cost $12 a day plus a $20 shot against kennel cough equaling $188. That was fine. Due to problems with my flight I ended up having to pick her up two days later. I called 24 hours ahead of time so I wouldn't get a late pick-up charge. That made the total $212 or so I thought. Turns out that since my cat needs daily medication they charged me an extra dollar per day, they also gave her a feline distemper shot and flea treatment (a preventative measure against picking up fleas during her stay). This raised my cost to approxiamately $310!

Now, I'm fine with the fact that there was a fee for medicine application as my cat's not the friendliest thing on four legs. Also, the other medication they gave her was acceptable too. My problem is that they didn't mention any of these additional fees! I don't think this was bad service, but as a student I'm low on funds and if I had know about the additional money I would have budgeted better. Now I'm going to be strapped for cash until the end of the month when I get my next paycheck. I firmly believe in the fact that if you can't afford the vet you can't afford the pet so that's why I set aside $250 just in case. I didn't think it would go up to $310.
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