_nextboldmove_ (_nextboldmove_) wrote in bad_service,

I found this over in customers_suck, and while a lot of service sucks, this one totally belongs here:


First, lie to your customers about prices and then don't give them a room cuz you don't want to deal with them?  Where did this person get off thinking that's okay?

If the ladies swore or got verbally or physically abusive, I could see denying them a room, but this poster is the suck in this situation.

EDIT the post was deleted.  Basically the front desk person at this hotel gave them one price over the phone in one call.  79$.  The second call they asked about an AARP discount, and the person said 62$.  The poster then goes on to state that they don't give discounts, they usually just say that 79$ is the discount rate and say the real price is much higher.  Then the women come into the hotel later and ask the price again.  The person says 79$.  One of the ladies say "You said 62 over the phone..."  The poster thought they were CLEARLY trying to scam her (wtf?) so she then says they don't have any rooms available.

There was much more detail that was just horrific but anyway, this woman was a biatch!
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