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Pushy door to door salespeople SUCK.

When I first moved out of home, I lived with another chick to help pay the rent and cause I was only 15. Now when I was 17 I went "ugh no more flatmates" and picked up more hours at my job to pay the rent at the same time as doing Year 12, and i rang up Tru Energy and they were goddamn morons. They refused to give me any reason why they couldn't sign me up even though they admitted I was 17 and that was their age limit. Then they told me someone at the flat I was moving into didn't pay their bill so I couldn't get their services, even if I showed them my lease and ID. I ring around AGAIN and they still refuse, well then I just gave up and went with Origin Energy. Now recently they have been fairly erratic with their billing [I didn't get a bill for 145 days and then i scored a $350 one] so I've thought about switching retailers. I think I'm under a contract but I really don't give a shit, all I care about is getting eletricity and gas and I can handle any bills as long as they are not insane...thats why I have a frickin job.

Anyway this guy shows up on my doorstep, no ID badge but with a shitload of Tru Energy stuff, and tries to get me to sign up for it. I ask for a booklet with the prices, as he only had a sign-up form with them handwritten on there...yeah, no. He spoke stilted English, and he smelt odd, and he generally was overly pushy. "So can I sign you up? So can I sign you up?" NO, ASSHOLE. I'm only 19 but I'm not signing any fucking contracts that I haven't got a copy of to read BEFORE I sign it! He said he'd give me a copy after I signed it but thats fairly fucking pointless, and ranted on and on about getting Coles-Myer giftcards and rebates and its like, just go the fuck away and let me do my research. So I ring up Tru Energy and say, "this guy has shown up on my doorstep selling your electricity and gas and I want to know what sort of deal you have going", and they say "Oh sorry Miss, your address shows that we are actually not allowed to give you services because previous tenants have not paid their bill and it is too big a risk factor" A risk factor for WHAT? I've never missed a fucking bill, for any services, EVER. NEVER. No credit card debt, all my credit cards are paid off by the end of each month, my lease has never been cancelled, I've never been evicted, not had my bond returned, had a bad word said against me by any company which I've been in service with. I pay my bills!

Oh, and he also said he couldn't accept my passport as proof of identity. HAHAHAHAHAH. A passport is better than a fucking drivers license. Out of a score of 100, its about 120. If I can leave the country with this as documentation of who I am, a sales associate of a company that sucks can fucking accept it, and no I don't need to give you any other form of ID. He then sort've insinuated that a $350 power bill would decimate us because we're students, and because I answered the door in PJ's with a pet mouse on my shoulder, wearing no makeup. I've been at school all day and today is my first night off in 14, and I guarantee that I earn more money than 90% of Uni students because my work begs me to work and I love my job. It was just like, don't judge on appearances, yknow? Sam [bf] and I dress quite oddly but it all comes off when we go to our jobs, because we like money ;) I paid the $350 the day after, but I was pissed about it because it meant re-figuring whether or not I could pay the Telstra bill on the day i wanted as well. We did dispute the bill the day we got it but the Origin dude was very helpful and explained why it was so big, and to be honest we have powerboards on every single power outlet in the house, hahah.

He also asked about my other finances, which is fair enough as a general 'do you have the money to pay for a contract?' but yeah, really not necessary before I even offer to sign up. Yes the rent here is $220 a week, yeah its a big house, yeah thats a brand new car parked in the driveway, what is your POINT, we work HARD for this shit. We haven't had a night together in weeks and its 15 minutes before Sam goes to work again so you're cutting into private time here. Stop being so damned invasive, and don't try to open the security door, its locked to keep assholes like you out!

He said he's coming back on Wednesday so I'll tell him what the customer service officer said and send him on his way.

I guess that is a bit of a rant and I've already solved the problem of what I'm going to do, but yeah. He just made me very annoyed. We live not 15 minutes away from University so this is a very student-filled area, and so it sucks that some bad eggs ruined things so we don't have a complete choice in which companies to choose for what service.
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