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Bad service, an attempt at a fix, and bad again

It was getting late, me and some friends had been working on misc projects all day disposing of a chair, recovering from water damage at a house, running to Wallyworld to grab primer, fun stuff. We were starving. So we decided we wanted sushi, and the place we were going to go we assumed was closed as it's pretty late on a Sunday so we decided to go to Ru-San's in Nashville. Decent food, fun atmosphere, but has a pretty bad history in the timelyness department during the week, so I don't go there much except on Sunday (which this was) or when I have a lot of time to kill.

We get there, stood at the front with 1 couple in front of us waiting for about 14 minutes before the person came to take them to a table. Another 5 or 6 minutes before we got even noticed - a fairly odd start as they were really not that busy, should have been seated in under 2 minutes with how many tables they had open. So I'm already wondering what's going on with the place and looking about.

5 waiters working, 16 tables (if that) running. 4 sushi chefs. I see no reason for the wait, but oh well.

we sit down, are given menus and water, and we wait.. and wait... and wait... I check my phone and at this point we're at about 35 minutes into the restauraunt and our waiter comes and takes our order finally. We ordered tea, and random sushi goodness. And this was the last time we saw that waiter.

At an hour another waiter (waiter #2) came by and refilled the water and asked if everything was ok and we said we needed the tea we ordered but the waiter was already leaving at full speed.

The people seated before us, and the people seated after us have now already finished their meals, and we're ready to head out when we manage to grab waiter #3 and tell him we've been there over an hour. He then asks us to describe the waiter we first had, and he goes to find out what the deal is.

He comes back about 4 minutes late and says that they are dealing with a new kitchen staff. I say to him my problem is not with the kitchen staff, just that the waiter abandoned us. He asks what drinks we had ordered, and we tell him tea, he goes and gets the tea.

Waiter #4 comes out with our food and asks if we need anything. We tell him bowls for the wasabi.

Waiter #3 comes back, looks at the plate and says = "oh, I see why your order took so long, that's X fish and it has to be cut" - at this point my friend who had ordered that says that she has been there several times and ordered this several times and that is not the issue we're having - the food could be an hour late but the tea and someone checking in occasionally to perhaps mention that the food which normally takes 10 minutes to prepare and serve was going to take 50.

Waiter #3 stops for a second, says he could come up with a ton of reasons for tonight but that yes, our issue was not one with the new kitchen staff, rather the waiter who has been there since time began.

Waiter #5, who has been running like a madwoman plunks down in a chair and looks like she's about to keel over of exhaustion. Sort of looks at us and I guess was wondering why we were still there.

Waiter #2 comes back and asks us if we need anything and we say the check.

Waiter #1 put everything on the same bill, and nobody else has any idea, so we split the check up amongst ourselves and pay on one card. Waiter #4 comes back with the card.

As we're walking out we walk by waiter #1 who's sitting there polishing silverware.

We get to the door at 10:40 and it's locked, has to be opened for us, they're turning people away because they closed early tonight. And there are people standing there asking if they can get in.

Fun times
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