Mikazuki (naishinnou) wrote in bad_service,

And why am I responsible for another adult's actions?

I went to a local rental place today to rent a floor sander since I've been dying to get the patio done for a while. So I called a few days ago to see if they rented floor sanders and how much it would cost. $35 a day which is reasonable.

Now keep in mind gas is well over $3.00 a gallon (ranges from $3.04 up to $3.59 depending on the gas station) and the location is in downtown - a 25 mile round trip for me.

I get there and knew they require just the license to rent. I asked the other day when I called. So the owner, old woman, is there and asks me what I needed to rent. I said, "A floor sander to sand my wood patio." Ok, she tells the guy to get me what I need and then takes me to the front desk to sign the paperwork. No deposit, I just pay the day I return it. I give her my license and she notices my last name and tells me that my husband rented stuff before - which is strange because he's never rented from there before and I tell her that. Then she tells me that she won't rent to me because "years ago he placed a stop payment on his credit charge to me". Ehh? Years ago? How long ago I asked her. She said, "years ago" but wasn't specific. As far as I know he never rented from there.

I asked her for his name and tells me, "Michael". Now Michael isn't my husband's name and as I said, she requires drivers licenses. She then tells me, "I've been bitten once, never twice, now get out. I won't rent to you." I stood there shocked. I told her, "My husband's name isn't Michael, it's _____. Just because someone has the same last name as I do, and yes, it is unique but there are four other families in town with the same last name, it doesn't mean I'm related to them or that he's my husband." She then said, "I don't care. I'm not renting to you or your thieving family." WTF?

Seriously, we've NEVER rented from there before. I've rented tillers from another location near our house (but they went out of business when the state bought their property to expand the highway) but always paid in cash. Just because I have a unique last name (which is Russian) and there are a few families in town with the same last name. Why am I responsible for another adult, let alone a stranger's bills?
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