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get the door, it's NOT Domino's

My husband and I once tried to order from Domino's pizza. we'd been ordering from this branch for over a year, and had never had a problem...until ONE night.

We call in at 9:30 pm, and put in an order for delivery. They verify my address, and take my creit card info, and tell me it will be 45 minutes. All is well. around 10:30pm, we still have no pizza. So I call back to inquire about it--maybe the driver is new and got lost. The dude tells me the driver will be there any moment.

EDITED TO ADD: THE dude was the same one who answered the first time. when I am politely inquiring about the lost pizza, he cuts me off and says, "yeah, the guy will be there in anothe rminute." He doesn't ask who I am--he has caller ID.

Ok. Fine. No problem. At 11:00pm, still no pizza. I call again...the dude answers, "Domino's--we're closed!" At this point, i am more than a little peeved. I tell him, "Keep the D**N pizza! I don't want it!" and he says, "Ok ma'am,' and hung up.
He did not ask me, "who are you? what did you order?" He KNEW. They have caller ID. So, he knew it was me when he picked up and said they were closed.
My husband believes they never even put an order in for us--they were going to wait us out until we called to cancel.

If they were running behind, just SAY so. Don't tell me it will be "just another few minutes" only to tell me you're closed when I call after those few minutes have come and gone a looooong time ago. I ended up making a crappy sandwich when I was hungry for pizza. grrrrrrr.

Sometimes I still return to shops that give sucky service, but THAT was too much. I don't order from Domino's anymore at all--since that is the branch that comes to my house. There is a nice little Italian restaurant right around the corner that delivers--they're faster, cheaper, and give much better service. I always patronize them, now.

*Note--all other Domino's branches 've been in are nice. The one near me just sucks.*
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