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If you want a cab in Louisiana...

DON'T call Glenn's Cab.

You might get the Dispatcher from Hell.

I called for a cab from the grocery store. I remember because the woman asked me whether I meant the one in Marrero or Westwego, and I hadn't known before that there was more than one. The dispatcher said it would be "a few minutes".

... Twenty minutes later, we were still waiting, and the security guard offered to call and check on it, so I called myself.

I asked about my cab, and the woman said curtly, "We have no cabs" and hung up before I could reply.

I then called back:

"Please don't hang up on me this time. I called for a cab about twenty minutes ago..."

(cuts me off) "Where from?"

"The Winn-Dixie on the Westbank Expwy..."

(cuts me off again) "No you didn't."

"Yes, I did. I called for a cab twenty minutes ago, my name is Katharine"

(talking over me) Ma'am, who are you screaming at?"

Me: pause, thinking "huh?" "I asked for a cab at the Winn-Dixie..."

(talking over me) Ma'am, who are you screaming at?"

"I'm not screaming, I just want to know about the..."


Now keep in mind, I'm standing in a grocery store, surrounded by customers and employees, with a security guard standing not four feet away. Not only do I know I wasn't screaming, but I'm certain that if I had been in any way too loud, the guard or some other employee would have said something. Stunned, I filled in my boyfriend who was standing nearby.

"'Ma'am who are you screaming at?' What was THAT about?"

The security guard, who was still nearby, said "You weren't screaming."

I call back.

Me: (In a forced-calm voice.) "I'd like to speak to your supervisor, please."

Her: "GOODBYE." *click*

I then called the other cab company, whose dispatcher was reassuringly pleasant and professional. Despite that, I was actually shaking in anger by this point. Bad enough she'd been so rude to a customer, but to act as if I were the rude one for taking issue with her behavior?


I don't expect anyone to kiss up to me, but I don't think that a civil answer to a civil question is too much to ask, not to mention a reasonable expectation of not getting hung up on. Now, this is NOT the first time I've had a problem with this particular dispatcher, it's just the worst incident. Previously I'd been startled by her rudeness and been told by the driver, "Oh, she just hates her job."

I've had jobs I hated too, but I'd still have been fired for less than what she pulled. Hating your job is no excuse for treating customers like dirt.

I had my fiance call this morning and ask to speak to the supervisor, but the person he spoke to claimed they weren't there. We were supposed to get a call back, but we've heard nothing yet. I guess I'll just wait and see (and find the number of the local Taxi Bureau).
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