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Cobb County Health Department in GA

Alrighty, I am MAD right now. On June 1st I went to the Cobb County Health Department in GA to have my female exam and to get put back on Birth Control Pills (ortho tri cyclen). Okay, that went well, I had no issues with the pills in the last 2.5 months. When I left there on 6/1 I was told no appointment was necessary for pill refills and just come back in 3 months. So today was the time I decided to go get more pills. I had called last week to see how much my pills were going to be now because I had received a pay raise. I was sure to call TWICE to make sure I had the correct answer. 12$/pack. Okay. That's fine. Annoying that a $1.50/hour raise more than doubled the cost of pills (used to be $5), but it's still pretty cheap. I figured the way it would go is that I'd go in, tell the lady at the front I needed a pill refill and she'd tell me to go to the other side where the cashier is and I'd get my pills. Pretty much in and out since no appointment was necessary. Nopes. Didn't work that way. I went in, stood in a line, which was fine cause they just opened and school starts back Monday. So I got to the front of the line, told the lady what I was there for, she told me to sign in and have a seat. Time check? About 8:15. I sat there until about 8:30 and then was called back, they weighed me (was exactly what I said it would be) and then had me sit in a room and give them the last 2 paycheck stubs. She put the info in the computer, everything was correct, then she went and got my 3 packs of pills. Took me to the check out lady and all was well. So I thought. I finally get up to the cashier and she tells me my total is 90$ WHAT?!? No. Should be 63$. I had 3 pack of pills at $12/pack. That's $36, I also had a balance of $27 because when I went in June I did the same thing (called before to get the amount so I could set that amt aside, and they told me wrong). So I had $63. Turns out they charge $27 as a visit fee for getting refills! NO NO NO NO NO. Why do I need to pay $27 to be told I weigh what I knew I already weighed! I'm MAD. There is no reason why I should be charged for an appt when there was no appointment necessary!!! It's just a refill. I think that's bad service.

Poll #790647 Am I right? Wrong? Or just stupid?

When the health dept says "No Appointment is Necessary for BC Refill" does that mean

you walk in, pay for your pills ONLY and walk out
You walk in, sign in, sit in the waiting room, get called back, get weighed, and then pay for pills and an 'appointment'

If they charge for an appointment, FINE, they just need to make it CLEAR. When I called in twice to make sure I knew what it would cost so I could set the amount aside, they should have had the brains to say "there is also an appointment fee, your portion of that is going to be $27" (sliding scale)

EDIT! Okay! Some good_service!!! I had called and left a message about the expiration dates, and the nurse that I saw called me back. She's going to let me go in next week and pick up as many packs as needed (it would be 8 packs to last until 7/1 of next year...but I'm sure they don't have any that expire that late) and I won't be charged the fee! So yay. At least that is taken care of. I still say it was bad service that I wasn't informed that there was a fee for going in for the refill, but at least they are fixing it for me.
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