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yet again i was reminded tonight of why i never set foot in our Kmart unless i have to.

i went for a book. which i found. i picked up a soda for my queasy stomach. then i stopped by the clearance rack and found two pair of shorts i wanted to try on. no one was at the fitting room. typical of our Kmart but i decided to give them the benefit of the doubt--maybe they were on break.

the nice girl in jewelry volunteered to page for the fitting room person, and did so. a few minutes later, a girl showed up. Little Miss Thing unlocked the main fitting room door, flung it open, then turned and walked away. she could have been opening it for a ghost for all the care she showed.

wtf? i didn't expect to be groveled over....but a simple "hello" will do.

i filed a gripe with the "manager" on tonight, though i wonder if she will do anything at all. she seemed to not really care. the girl in jewelry was far more concerned with the fact that i had had a bad experience, apologizing half a dozen times for Little Miss Thing's attitude and telling me that she's been a problem in the past.

should i call the actual managers tomorrow and refile my gripe? i have Little Miss Thing's name so i can identify her if i do this.
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