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Staples o_O?

It's not bad service but weird...

I work for a company(second job) that constantly run out of supplies due to the work that we do. So I placed our order on August 3rd and we didn't get our stuff until yesterday. The normal time for delivery is next business day unless it's a big item like boxes or computer supplies which takes about two-three days because its coming directly from the warehouse.

Monday...no supplies
Tuesday...no supplies
Wednesday...phone call to Staples CS.

CS didn't know what was going on; only that we should have received our order on Monday. They transfer my supervisor to the person in charge of delivery and he told her that there was a delay and the items were send back to the store. Say what now?

He told her that our supplies will be here at 1pm.

1pm...no supplies
3:35pm...UPS deliver a package from Staples.

The package contains old printer cartridges WTF?
3:37pm...supervisor is about the lose it.

4:16pm...Staples is here with our stuff.

*cue Twilight Zone theme*

I guess there is a first time for everything.
Tags: ^wtf, shipping shenanigans

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