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I'm getting married in early October. While trying to plan the wedding, I found a website that sells custom-made wedding favors. They look so very very neat, and I felt comfortable contacting the maker because his fiancee is a regular on a forum I frequent. Another regular on the forum ordered some favors from him around the same time I started looking, and she was very happy with them.

I first emailed him in early April. He got back with me on April 19th. I told him that everything sounded great, but I wouldn't be able to send him half the cost up-front until late May because of a large expense I needed to save money for (wisdom teeth surgery). He said that would be fine.

In late May, I emailed him again to find out exactly how much I needed to send and how to send payment -- if he wanted a check or Paypal, and if Paypal, CC or non-CC. No reply. Emailed him again in late June. Still no reply. By July, I'm wondering if he wants my money at all. I sent a private message to his fiancee on the forum, and she made him email me back, full of apologies for the delay. He tells me to send $40 to his Paypal address, and I do so. In that email he also asks if we had decided on a style for what I was ordering. I replied back after paying, saying that we hadn't decided because I didn't know what styles were available, and asking him what options I had. That last email was sent on July 14.

He did not reply until this morning, after I sent him another email asking him to please respond with an answer to my question as soon as possible. I explained that since I was unsure of how long it would take him to create my order, I wanted to be able to make the style decision soon to give him plenty of time to make them. I needed him to tell me what options were available, however, before I could make that decision.

He finally replied with a rather snippy email saying that he didn't realize I needed them so soon, that it will only take a weekend to complete, he'll start on them this weekend, and that of course (his emphasis, not mine) the wedding favors are available in all the same styles as his regular stuff. How the hell was I supposed to know that? I replied with a decision on what styles I wanted and another note that I didn't need them till the first week of October, but his lack of a response to my question (AGAIN) just made me nervous.

Am I being a Bridezilla here, or is this really bad service? I'm waiting to reserve full judgement till I either have the favors in my hands or the wedding day passes without them...but his repeated delays in responding to my questions are really getting to me.
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