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Well, Spent yesterday on the phone with telus after being insulted by one of the customer service reps. I'll go more indepth into the call so I don't get blasted for being a "selfrighteous eb"

I called Telus after they called my father about not paying a phone bill and saying they were going to shut off the phones. My dad and I have a joint account with both of our phones, some family plan sort of thing.

Telus: Hi, how can I help you?
Me: I got a phone call saying my bill was unpaid? I haven't even gotten the bill in the mail yet? And you are going to shut off my phone?
Telus: Let me forward you over to customer care..
Me: Ok.

(Note this was finally after the system kicked me out twice and twenty minutes of wait time)
( I was forwarded to Kalia, if you get her it seems like everyday is a bad day, feel free to shoot yourself at this point. )

Kalia: Hi! Customer care?
Me: Hi! You (meaning telus) called and said my bill was unpaid? and that my phone was going to be shut off? I haven't even gotten the bill yet *dumbfounded*

(note : not received bill, bill is not overdue)

Kalia: You need to pay your bill on time.
Me: I haven't gotten the bill yet in the mail, how can I pay the bill? When I have yet to receive it?
Kalia: You need to pay your bill on time.
Me: *more dumbfounded* Ok, but don't you need to get the bill before you pay it?
Kalia: continues on with I need to pay my bill. (this goes on for ten minutes.)
Me: *really pissed off because they don't seem to be getting that my bill hasn't come in yet.*
Me: Ok, you guys are morons when it comes to customer service. What is it going to cost for me to cancel my phone?
Kalia: Let me look that up for you?
*lather rinse repeat for two minutes*
Kalia: comes back - $480
Me: Thank you, I will be cancelling my contract.
Kalia: You too are a moron and thank you for not paying your bill.
Me: hangs up pissed off more.

Note: The whole call to get telus on the line took about 45 minutes and a bit to work nothing out. I phoned my dad and told him what happened.

About ten minutes after calming down, I phoned telus lodged a complaint and apologized for calling them morons. In no shape or form was my bill overdue, late, or whatnot. So in the long and the short of it, if you get Kalia, from customer care on the line, shoot yourself. It will save you about 30 minutes of your life.
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