Magadocious Rex (wonderwench) wrote in bad_service,
Magadocious Rex

I hate Walgreens photo developing

I took a whole bunch of pictures with my camera so I could sell some stuff that I don't want anymore on ebay- I don't have a digital, nor can I afford even a cheap one right now (hence the selling stuff so I can buy one)
Right now I have a Advantix camera and I bought the film for it that when you get it developed you get a free cd with your pictures on it for only a dollar more per roll.
The last time I got my pictures developed, I GOT a cd (not a kodak one) with the roll of film for the $10.00 and change it cost to get it developed in the first place. Just an hour or so ago, I dropped my film off expecting the same.
I went to go get my film and SUPRISE! NO CD!!!! "WTF!" I thought, I'm supposed to get a cd with my pictures on it so that I can upload it to my happy laptop and post them on the internet so my out of state friends know what i'm up to on weekends. I asked the girl "um .... where's my cd" and her response: "you dont' get one, you can PAY for one, or you can wait 3 weeks for us to send it out and for you to get it back"
Um 3 weeks? PAY for it ? when I already DID in the price of the film?!?
So I asked calmly (which was incredibly hard as i'm not feeling so hot today, raging pms and I pulled a muscle in my back, and this was REALLY REALLY REALLY testing my patience) if I could talk to a manager- I didn't care if I got a "kodak" cd, I just wanted a f-ing cd of my pictures. I have stuff to sell on ebay! Rent's gotta get paid!!!! I was informed that they could not give me a cd of my pictures unless I waited for 3 weeks because they could not make a "kodak" cd there, they would get sued.
Now I would have no problem if they had said 3 DAYS or a WEEK. but 3 weeks? I then asked "well if you cannnot do it, do you know any other place that can? I really need this cd tonight" "NO I have NO idea"
After calmly explaining 3 times that I do not HAVE 3 weeks- I need to put auctions up THIS WEEK... I was told in a very SNOTTY RUDE tone of voice "FINE, i'll print you the CD but I'm telling you, THIS WILL NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN"

Honestly folks, I work retail too, i know and understand you are under restrictions and rules to do certain things, but I would have been happy with one of the following 2 outcomes:

#1 the manager saying nicely "I'm reallly really sorry, I cannot print you a cd at all unless you pay for it, but here is Kodak's customer service number because honestly, the problem you are having is not with us, it's with them, please call them and they can help you further"
#2 the manager saying what was stated above, but saying that they'd print me a cd for my troubles.

Most of my problem with this is that the manager was an absolute BEAST attitude wise. She was snotty and rude and made me CRY.
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