Kathy with a K. (xx_kathy) wrote in bad_service,
Kathy with a K.


This is my first bad service experience (that I can remember). On Monday (the 7th), we went to Chuck E. Cheese with my daughter and husband, and then my husband's friend and his daughter. I order food at about 6:30pm. I had a coupon, so I got a large pizza and some wings. Around 7pm, the pizza came, and they said the wings will be right out. We were starving (there were 6 of us total), and when 7:15 came around (45 minutes after I ordered), I went up to ask about the wings. Sometimes people forget and stuff. The manager went "Oh yea.", and walked off. He then stopped at a group of his friends and stayed there a bit. He never even went into the kitchen!! An hour after we ordered, I go up front and ask the girl. Five minutes later she had our wings. No apologies or anything, just "Here."

During this time, we also went to the restroom. It was nasty and had no soap to wash hands, or any paper towels (or hand dryer) to dry the hands. Luckily I had hand sanitizer...

Well at least the kids had fun.

But do you all think that an hour for wings is too long? Or was I being too impatient?

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