Danielle (toodani) wrote in bad_service,

little help needed guys.

Saturday night I ate at a japanese steakhouse with 4 friends, a total of 4 checks. 3 of the checks were paid in cash and I paid with my debit card. I wrote zero on the tip line ( i left a cash tip), rewrote the total and signed the receipt. I don't remember wether or not I took my copy of the receipt, but seeing as how I can't find it now, I probably left it there. Here's the problem. My bank statement shows two charges from the restaurant, two dollars difference. I don't remember which one is the accurate amount. I'm going back to the place in about an hour and a half. Do I have a right to see my receipts to prove which one I signed for or is it just up to the mercy of the restaurant to give me back my money since I am receipt-less? If all else fails at the restaurant, any advice about how to go about refuting the charges with my bank? or is that just a waste of time, since the charge itself is only $30. Well it's not really "only" 30 since my account is only in the double digits anyway. any help would be greatly appreciated!

so here's the bad service ;) Going to a great place with friends, enjoying yummy sushi, a really funny waitress, great new drinks, and a fun time had by all. Tipping almost 30% and then finding out they double charged you. baaaaaad.

ETA: thanks for all the advice! I ran in with both guns blazing, armed with bank statements and plenty of bad_service advice. However, I merely told him i was double-charged and showed him my statement. He found my receipt to confirm which amount was the correct one, made a copy of both my statement and said receipt, then opened the register and gave me my money back, in cash. YAY.
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