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Every time I think I'm going to be sad to leave Case, I hit a brick wall of stupidity.

Last semester, when I hadn't decided about living on campus or not, I reserved my parking spot. I figured that as long as there was a space in that building that was reserved for me, it wouldn't matter whether I was a commuter or a resident. I got an email reminding me that the deadline for payment was fast approaching, so I went to go pay. For one thing, it doesn't allow for buying one semester. I would have had to pay for the whole year. Ha! Also, I realized that commuter parking was possibly cheaper. Maybe, maybe not, but I decided to change my status to commuter.

Easy, yes?

I wish.

I screwed around on the parking site, trying to figure out how to get rid of the R from Lot 46R. No luck. So I emailed parking asking for help. I explained that I had a resident space reserved, and I wanted to change it to commuter status. Also, that I only needed one semester, not the whole year. The email back more-or-less said "do it online."

err...k. So I tried again. Spent more time fiddling around on the site. Couldn't get it, so emailed again. Email back gave me better instructions. Delete my 46R reservation, and get a new reservation in the same space. So I deleted my reservation and clicked on the weekday parking thing. That took me to a map of the campus. The page said to click on a lot to buy the space, but .... there were no lots to click on. The only things I could click on were buildings. There is no parking next to Rockefeller that I know of, and I've been all over that building. The only one I can work is the Nights and Weekends parking pass. This thing is confusing, as it says something about a nights and weekends pass being fulltime. I think that maybe the weekday pass is for weekdays ONLY, and that the nights and weekends pass is for all the time. The problem is that it's $25/month. Waaaaaay too cheap. I'm suspicious.

Email back with my lack of success with weekday and my confusion over nights/weekends. I ask them to just change my status for me if nights/weekends isn't the one I want. They know the website, so they should know how to work the magic buttons.

I'll just c/p the emails now, because I really can't do justice to the idiocy.


Night and weekend is for parking for evening-only or
Saturday/Sunday students who only need to park after 4:30 p.m.
during the week or (all days on) Saturdays or Sundays, NOT daytime.

To get daytime/fulltime parking you have to use the Weekday
reservation link but unfortunately I know that all available
daytime parking all over south campus reserved out just over a
month ago so at this time Lot 46 is the ONLY daytime/fulltime
spot left to sign up for this coming semester :-( !

My reply:

>That's fine then. I have no problem parking there, I just wanted to get
>my status changed from resident to commuter. Could you please fix it so
>that I'm in that building with commuter status?
>Thank you,

Can someone tell me if it isn't clear that I don't care where I park, I just want commuter status?

Here's their reply:


The evening only parking permit option is open to ANY undergraduate or
graduate COMMUTER student as that
permit is only meant to help distinguish WHEN you park instead of where.

If you're in fact still a resident student living on campus however we do
not allow you to actually buy that parking
as it's not intended for resident use since you can park in the lot 24/7
with an evening permit!

Gratuitous capslock! Exclamation points! How professional.

My reply was something like "bwa? Where did I anywhere imply that I was still a resident? Just change my parking to lot 46-non-R so I can have somewhere to park for classes."

Still waiting for their reply.

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