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yay for healthcare

just for a little background info, i work for a group of orthopaedic surgeons. this isn't usually part of my job, since we have an automated system for it, but friday afternoon, one of my coworkers asked me to call and confirm appointments for monday.

one of our patients that i had to call is a minor who lives in a group home. i remember his case manager coming in to schedule the appointment, since i was the one who set it up for her. so i called the number for the home that she left me. incompetence ensues.

Me: friendly neighborhood medical pion
My thoughts: self explanatory
GD1-3: group home ditzes 1-3
AC: almost has a clue
CMV: case manager's voicemail.
CCM: covering case manager.

GD1: *unintelligable fast speak* (can't really fault her for that since i'm guilty as well when i get busy).
Me: hello, this is Me from Dr. Ortho-Guy's office. is this "GroupHome"?
GD1: yes
Me: oh good, i'm calling to confirm So-and-so's appointment with the doctor on monday.
GD1: umm, what did you say the doctor's name was?
Me: Dr. Ortho-Guy
GD1: i don't see him on the list. can you hold for a minute?
My thoughts: *list? what list?*
Me: sure.

10 minutes later

My thoughts: *whistling while chasing butterflies*
GD1: umm, i'm gonna have to transfer you to someone else. we don't have that doctor on the list, but i can give you to someone who can help you.
My thoughts: *again with the list?*
Me: ok

GD2: GroupHome, this is GD2.
Me: hi, i'm calling from Dr. Ortho-Guy's office to confirm So-and-so's appointment for monday.
GD2: oh, i'm going to need to transfer you for that. hold on.
My thoughts: *oh this is going to be fun*
Me: umm, ok.

5 minutes later.

GD3: GroupHome.
Me: *schpiel*
GD3: hmm, they transferred you to the wrong place. let me transfer you.
My thoughts: *skippedy doo!*
Me: ok.

AC: GroupHome, this is Almost-has-a-Clue.
Me: *schpiel*
AC: ok. umm, i'm not seeing that doctor's name on the list. let me give you to So-and-so's case manager.
My thoughts: *what is this list of which you speak?*
Me. alright.

CMV: hello, you've reached, Case Manager. i'm on vacation and will be out of the office until 8/14...
My thoughts: *ooh, crash and burn. i was really hopeful about this latest transfer too.*
CMV: ...blah, blah, blah. if you need to speak with someone about one of my clients, call Covering Case Manager at extension X...
My thoughts: *score! thank you vacationing Case Manager's voicemail.

*hangup, redial*

GD1: GroupHome.
Me: hi, can i have extension X, please.
GD1: sure.

CCM: GroupHome, this is CCM.
Me: *schpiel*
CCM: alright, that's one of CM's clients.
Me: yes, he has an appointment with Dr. Ortho-Guy on monday at 2pm.
CCM: ok, i'm not seeing that Dr. on the list, but i'll make sure that So-and-so gets to his appointment. where are you located?
Me: *location*
CCM: great, he'll be there.
Me: thanks.
My thoughts: *OMFG, what's with this list???*

these people are taking care of our elderly loved ones and troubled youths. *facepalm*
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