S (sus7) wrote in bad_service,

Fuck the University of Washington

I attended the University of Washington for a year, and during that year I lived in the dorms. I registered for summer housing but moved out during the first week and into my own place.

My RA (residential advisor, just a slightly-more-informed student) told me that even though I'd left in the time frame the Housing Food Service contract sets for getting out without being charged, I would indeed be charged the entire amount for my summer housing and food plan. This amounted to just over $1400. My loans and scholarships, the only money I had in the world, were gone, and so I didn't pay the amount. I thought that I could pay it off over a few months and be done with it, and I was just starting full-time at my former job. Fast forward about a month to when I get called in to talk to the housing advisor; I explain my situation and ask about monthly payments and she informs me that they will not allow me to make a payment of less than $400, which was at the time more than I was making in a month! They refused all smaller payments. Fast forward to this year, when I was making more money but not by much. They sent me to collections and sent their attorneys after me. The collection agency is, guess what, much much more pleasant and easy to deal with than the UW! I'm almost paid off because they were nice enough to take $300 payments. I can't go back to school anywhere, including the UW, until this is gone- they have my transcripts and registration under lock & key. This is the worst service I've ever received from any institution or business. I caution you all.  

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