BlznFireGrl911 (blznfiregrl911) wrote in bad_service,

Bad service is being without a working shower for 2+ months because your landlords "handy man" is 80 years old and has health problems and cant miss a doctors appointment/go out in the heat/has to have an emergency colonoscopy. Resulting in having to shower at the parents house for 2 months. When he's finally feeling up to par to come fix it, the landlord, his wife, the "handyman" and his wife come over and throw themselves a fucking party in your living room.
Im sitting here listening to them talk about their health ailments while making themselves comfortable on my couch without being offered a seat. seriously WTF fix my shit and get your wifeys OUT.

EDIT: One wifey took her coat off, and laid it on my damn coffee table. SERIOUSLY im glad I could play host to your damn senior reunion in my living room. Quit talking about how fat my cat is and how he needs a good brushing. Infact, QUIT TALKING ALL TOGETHER.
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