creepybrat (creepybrat) wrote in bad_service,

Canada Post and Ebay...

I filed a complaint with Canada Post this morning. Apparently when a friend went over to my house yesterday a big assed envelope was leaning against my front door for the whole street to see. I was pissed! I have a sign (between mailbox and doorbell) clearly saying to leave a card and I'll pick the item up...PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE PACKAGES ON THE STEP. I've complained before and was told that no packages are to be left on steps in my zoning area. Well I guess this genius is either too lazy or cannot read and understand english. Of course nothing will happen to him/her. I'll get the usual standard apology.

Now on to the Ebay seller....I emailed this guy earlier this week asking when the item was mailed out because it had been weeks since I won the auction. He emailed back saying "International orders can take 3-4 weeks." Yeah it can ass-wad when you fucking take 10 days AFTER the auction to mail it out!!! It actually took 2 weeks...and he charged me more then DOUBLE the actual cost. ASSHOLE! I'm not even going to leave feedback....fuck him! He's not worth my time anymore.

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