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Sci-Fi Book Club

About last spring I got an advertisement in the mail for a Sci-Fi Book Club (through Doubleday) and I thought it looked pretty good. It had the same set up as a Cd club, so I got the free books, paid & got the number of books that were required to be purchased and then bought a couple more. Everything went fine, until about October of last year when I started getting invoices for books I hadn't ordered, and receiving packages of books that I hadn't ordered. I sent them all back. I sent emails to the company telling them what had happened and was assured that the problem would be taken care of. It wasn't I kept getting notices of unpaid bills. So I wrote them a letter say that I didn't have the items they were billing me for and that I had paid for any items I did have. I then canceled my membership around November of last year. They wouldn't let me cancel it because I had somehow gotten a credit for >$50 on my account. I wrote again saying I wanted to cancel it, they said that I needed to order more books to use up the credit then I would be done. I did so, which in hind sight might not have been such a wise move, and received a notice saying that they didn't have the books in stock and that I would have my membership canceled. This is back in November, remember. I didn't hear for them again. Until I got the mail yesterday and discovered a package from them with books in it and a demand for payment of the books! So now I have to waste Tuesday phoning them to try once again to get this fixed. Does anyone have any advice, I'm getting so frustrated by this whole thing.
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