Sara (sara_k_s) wrote in bad_service,

Which part of “pick-up” don’t you understand?

This happened last year at Marco’s (pizza chain).

My brother and I decided to order pizza one night, and we usually pick up rather than have it delivered because pick-up is faster and Marco’s charges extra for delivery. My brother called and ordered a pizza for pick-up, and then went to go get it.

But when he got there, they said our pizza had already been sent out for delivery. I guess since we’ve gotten Marco’s delivered before, they have our address on file, and they looked it up when my brother told them our phone number.

So my brother came back home empty-handed. After he got back (about 30 minutes after he ordered the pizza), we waited for another 30 minutes or so before the pizza guy finally got there.

To recap, Marco’s mistakenly sent the pizza out for delivery when we said pick-up; my brother drove to Marco’s and back for nothing; and we waited over an hour for our pizza… and then they charged a delivery fee! My brother refused to pay the delivery charge, but the pizza guy wouldn’t give us the pizza unless we did, and we gave in and paid because we were hungry.

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