★ (xchanceofrainx) wrote in bad_service,


the golden arches strike again.

around here there's not much food choice for a girl who wants something quick and works late. wendy's is open seven days a week 'til one, and mcd's is only open 'til midnight, except for the weekends.

there's always a hellacious line at wendy's, even though mcd's is right up the road, and i never understood why, until tonight. i had my choice of three mcd's tonight, but the other two were so far away that my food would have been cold by the time i got home. so i chose the one that's about five minutes away from home.

i pull in, order. i pull up to the first window, pay.

so far, so good.

i sit at the second window for TEN minutes. by this time there are cars backed up five deep, because everyone obviously had the same idea i did. the window itsself was open, but i could not see anyone or even hear anyone.

until i heard someone scream: "so, what am i supposed to do, hand this sh** out or something?" and then this guy starts to hand out some random food to me with no bag, no nothing but the box it was in, until the girl doing cash at the first window runs up and screams at him. then she asks me what i had. i tell her, and she starts bagging it, only to realize that in the ten minutes my food has been sitting there, no one bothered to put fries down.

so she tells me to pull up. so i wait, and i wait. i literally sat there another seven minutes. by now the cars behind me had been served and well on their way home. finally, my food came out, but no drink.

i suppose it wasn't horrible, earth-stopping service, but i worked in a restaurant that had both dine-in and drive-in service, and i was just baffled that no one seemed to realize the person covering the second window had disappeared or gone home. or that the guy (who i presumed was a cook) had no idea how to bag an order and hand it out properly.
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