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I was just taking my PM meds (yay me for having weird medical conditions!) when I had a bit of a WTF moment staring at my pills. I recently had my meds refilled at my local Brooks pharmacy. Normally their service is pretty decent. Also, if my pills change shape/color/size, about 75% of the time they remember to put a helpful sticker on my bottle letting me know that even though it looked different, it was the same medication. About 65% of the time they also point it out when I am paying, to verbally let me know that they are indeed the same meds, they just look different.

I take a total of 5 medications I get refilled every month from them (on a side note, WITH health insurance, I am paying over $120 a month JUST for my prescription co-pay -- but that is a rant for another time). In this latest refill my normally tan/white capsules are now much smaller and purple. For another medication I received a bottle 2/3 full with my normal white/pink capsules, and 1/3 full with blue/grey capsules, with a helpful wad of cotton separating the two groups of pills. Neither of these bottles had a sticker notifying me of the change, there was no note on my paperwork, and the person who gave me the pills didn't let me know what was going on.

I am assuming whoever refilled the meds is at fault, because normally if there is a change there is a note on the paperwork so the clerk checking me out is aware of the change, and can give me the verbal heads-up. But the fact two of my five meds are clearly different than normal has prompted me to make the decision to go into the pharmacy tomorrow, with meds and paperwork in tow, and speak with a manager. I am pretty sure that they are all my correct meds, but it would be reassuring for them to let me know that my assumption is correct.
I took the damn things anyway.
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