Look away, you don't want to see this (sweetitaliano) wrote in bad_service,
Look away, you don't want to see this

My landlord is a dickhead...

We (my boyfriend, myself, and another couple) moved into our apartment in April of this year. Our landlord- lets call him Steve- told us that he was NOT responsible for fixing the dishwasher or washer/dryer. I think he should be because he is providing us with them, but oh well. How interesting, because when we move in the dryer and the dishwasher don't work. Whatever, my room mate fixed them and that's that.

Now, as we live here we notice some other things that need fixing. We have cockroachs because there are holes in the wall and water damage under the sink, which is basically just rotted wood and the little fuckers crawl right through, the ceiling in our bathroom has absorbed water from a leak so who knows when it will collapse, there is no tile on the floor in front of the downstairs door (tripping hazard) and our boiler is exposed (illegal). Also our fridge leaks water everywhere and also doesn't really work (food goes bad within a 3 or 4 days).

Steve likes to send his son to pick up the rent, so we show him everything that's broken and needs to be fixed. He says ok, he will talk to Steve blah blah. Then we don't hear from them until next months rent is due. Again, I talk to Steve on the phone about the problems and we also talk to his son when he gets the rent. Again we don't hear from them. So this month, my roomie talks to Steve and tells him he needs to fix these things NOW. So Steve agrees that he will come the morning of the first and take care of stuff and get rent money. Aug. 1st rolls around and none of us hear the door, but later in the afternoon we notice that he left an illegible note that says something like he will be back on the 2nd. It is now the 3rd and we haven't heard from him. My room mate even offered to fix things if he would provide materials, and that way he can charge more rent when he gets new tenants.

So today I am pissed off because of this so I go to our realtors office and they seem upset as well. As our landlord, he has a duty to fix these things and we have a right (even though we don't have a lease) to live in a safe environment. An agent calls him and leaves a message, and of course he still hasn't called back.

At this point, I am just fed up. Luckily we don't have a lease so we are moving Oct. 1st, but I really hope I never have to go through this again! The couple that lives above us is leaving because Steve never fixes anything (including when their heat broke in the dead of winter). It's ridiculous that I am scared to shower because of the bugs, not to mention I can't put food in the cabinets because of them or even use the damn fridge.

Ok that was a really lonnnnnng rant, but I am just so annoyed right now! Is there anything else we can do? Even though we are going to move Oct. 1st, I still have to put up with this shit until then and the people after to us will have to as well.
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