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Why bother?

I've been working on a query for a client for nearly a week, trying to find a list of dedicated server providers who offer instant or one-hour setup.

I came across one this afternoon that had advertised "fast" setup. Pretty non-descript, but there was a "Questions? Call us!" line, so I called to ask how fast:

Hi, this is Missy with [ my contractee ]. I'm investigating dedicated server options for a client today. He requires instant or one-hour setup for his account. Do you offer this?

"What's your client's name?"

I'm sorry, I don't have that information. [ Note: I work under a pseudonym, and my clients submit their queries under pseudonyms. ]

"I can't help you without a name and an e-mail address."

How about my name and e-mail address? I only need to verify that the "fast" setup you advertise is either instant or one-hour.

"Is the server for you?"

No, my client just needs information, so he can compare options among several providers.

"You're not ordering a server today?"

No, I just need to verify whether or not your "fast" setup is instant or one hour.

"I can't give you that information without a name and an e-mail address."

I've offered you my name and e-mail address. How long does it take to set up an account?

"I can't help you with that."

Could you please connect me to whoever can? I only need to verify this one bit of information.

She hung up on me!

Why the hell do companies offer phone numbers if they're only going to staff them with some 'tard who can't be bothered to answer a simple question?

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