Living a Life of Chaos (kitashla) wrote in bad_service,
Living a Life of Chaos

My first bad Ebay Transaction

I'm a bit unsure whether something constitutes bad service or not. My husband is inclined to think it is and we should try to get our money back. I'm not so sure.

I purchased this phone a week or so ago, paid immediately through Paypal and received the phone 9 days later. (Not the sellers fault as it would seem our postal system has been ridiculously slow for the past month. Though it would have been nice to recieve notification of when it was shipped.)

When I purchased to phone, I noted that the auction stated that the exterior screen was light, but that the phone turned on and made a test call.

I assumed this meant that the phone worked.

I got the phone. The exterior screen is so light that you can't see anything on it at all but a white screen, but that didn't bother me a bit. I expected it to look like that when I got it.

I charged the battery and turned on the phone. It powered up nicely and like the auction says, the display on the inside was excellent. (Though not as pretty as the phone this phone was replacing, my phone that was stolen which was the reason I was buying a new one anyway.) And then it turned itself off. And back on again. And off. And on again.

Slightly concerned, I called Verizon and had my number switched over to this phone without any problems at all. However, I couldn't make a test call because the phone would not stay on. The only way it would stay anything is off. If I turned it off it would stay off. But if I turned it on, it would on/off itself over and over again until the battery died.

I took it to a Verizon tech. I had no problem with paying a little extra to get it fixed. Heck, I thought maybe it just needed a new battery as I'd had phones before that were wonky due to old batteries. No luck. The tech told me the whole phone was fucked and there wasn't anything they could do with it. (And the tech honestly did give it a good run to try and figure out what was going on with it.)

So, now I'm left with a phone that doesn't work. And while I recognize that the auction says it was sold as is, the auction also said that the phone worked at the base level. It neglected to mention that it wouldn't stay on. I attempted to contact the seller for a resolution to the matter and the As Is part was brought up, and I was offered another phone for $60. (Why would I want to send more money to a company that already sold me one broken phone?)

So, am I fucked? I'm really frustrated because we simply do not have the money to replace my phone and I can't be without one. And at this point right now with husband job switching and whatnot, we could really use the money I just spent on this flashy paperweight.

Oh and lesson to you all. Don't let your husband talk you out of buying the insurance when you are getting your mobile plan. It would have saved us a lot of trouble.

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