Jessica (jheney44) wrote in bad_service,

You tell ME if this idiot is giving me bad service.

This is the letter I wrote to the company.

I would like to comment on the property manager here, ------. He has been the most unhelpful, unfriendly property manager I've ever had, and I've moved a lot in the --- area since I'm a student and can't afford expensive housing when the rent goes up. He left a note on my door (instead of bothering to call me) about renewing my lease at $509, which is fifty dollars more a month than I was paying. I didnt want to do it, it was expensive, so I went into the office to talk to him. He was extremly rude to me, and everyone else in the office as well, and it was almost as if he couldnt believe that we were bothering him. Then, he proceeded to tell me that my rent would be jacked up $100 a month, instead of just $50. Now, I can read, and I could plainly see that the amount on my renewal form was $509. So I signed that, and MADE COPIES, and gave it to him. Now here at (this specific community), our water bill is seperate, and we pay it directly to the property manager. My rent is $509. plus roughly another $16 a month for my water. That equals about $525, give or take some change. Which is EXACTLY the amount I have been paying him since I renewed in July. Now, he is leaving nasty messages on my front door saying that I owe him money. The first time it happened, I called the front office, and he didn't answer (how could he, he is never there!) so I left a message asking him to call me and please clairfy why I owed more money. I never heard from him. I called again about a week later, same thing. No response, no answer. Now, when I got the note on my door again this month, I decided to email the company. I would really hate to have to take this company to small claims court for less than $100, but I refuse to pay someone who was rude to me and spoke to me as if I was stupid money that I'm not supposed to. My rent is $509. I made copies of the renewal form in case something like this happened. Please do something about your associate. When I moved here, I was also told I would be locked into a rate of $459 for three years. I decided I was happy here, and I would be glad to resign each year, since I am in school, now, I think that as soon as this lease ends, I will be moving. I am NOT impressed with ----.
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