Charlotte (claddagh812) wrote in bad_service,

I work at a two-way radio dealership, sales and service. I heard this story yesterday from a co-worker who was grumbling about one of our customers going behind our back again. Now, I'm not a technician, so I don't know much about the technical aspects and technical descriptions and all that, but hopefully you'll be able to get the idea of this post. Our company does our best to service all our customers' equipment properly, and we do so at affordable rates. We also don't lie to our customers. Apparently, though, a certain local fire department once decided that we were overcharging them, so when their repeater stopped working they called someone else.

The guy they called runs his own two-way radio business out of a tire store that's located in the same strip of buildings as his mini-storage rental. He told them that the repeater was struck by lightning, so they bought a brand-new set-up from him for a highly jacked-up price (several thousand dollars), especially considering what they got for it. He sold them the cheapest, crappiest type of repeater on the market, something that barely works with low radio traffic, and they're a frickin' fire department with high amounts of radio traffic.

After a month or so, the fire department came back to us because they were having trouble with something else at the repeater site. When the service manager was there, he noticed the new "repeater" with the one we had sold them sitting off to the side. He called them to ask about it, and the fire chief apparently sounded very guilty when he explained that they'd gone to this other guy. The service manager checked out the repeater we had sold them and discovered it wasn't hit by lightning. It had blown a fuse. A 15 cent fuse needed to be replaced in it. That was it. Yet this guy flat-out lied to them and sold them a several-thousand-dollar piece of crappy equipment instead of just saying, "Oh, let me replace this fuse and charge you a nominal fee for the in-field labor." That's definitely bad service in my book. (Although it did teach the fire department to stick with us for their service issues. Idiots.)

ETA: This happened a while back. Another customer being stupid is what instigated my co-workers reminiscing about this story.

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