This is how I rock (cindy_ann) wrote in bad_service,
This is how I rock

Mmm sushi

Yesterday I had a really long day and decided that I would treat myself to some sushi for lunch. When I drove over to a place I had eaten at once before I looked for a hours of operation sign ( because most sushi places I've eaten at are closed from like 2-4 or something like that) but couldn't find one anywhere and the sign said open so I went in. As soon as I went in I noticed it was pretty quiet and as soon as a waitress saw me come in she marched over to the neon "open" sign and turned it off looked at me and marched back into the kitchen. Thinking they were closed I turned for the door when a guy behind the bar asked if he could get me anything. I said I just wanted to order a roll to go and he said that would be no problem. He took my order and my credit card and proceeded to make my roll. After he had finished making my roll he boxed it and bagged the box and said the waitress would be around shortly with my sales slip. I waited and waited and waited and she finally came around. She handed me the slip to sign and when I looked at it I noticed she had charged me for the wrong thing and that I had ordered the valley roll which was about $7 cheaper and she asked me if I wanted her to go fix it. I told her that yes I would like her to. So she walks (very slowly) back to the kitchen and re-appears about 5-8 minutes later. I include a couple dollars tip because I believe that even though it is take out the same amount of work goes into making sushi. When I write in the tip amount at the bottom she looks at it and then at me and said that's really all you're going to tip? I just looked at her for a minute and she asked why Americans are so cheap and if we weren't going to tip well why did we eat out at all. I didn't stiff the guy on a tip and why does she need one when she didn't even come in contact with the food or take my order? So I took grabbed my bag and the guy behind the bar said "have a nice day" and I responded thanks you too, but before I could finished she said We will we're going to go to an American restaurant and order a lot of food and not tip. WTF?
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