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Not bad service but completely related

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On the front page of my local paper there was an article about Congress wanting to cut back the wages of those who make tips. Basically, they want to cut it from minimum wage to $2.13 an hour!! Here in my state, by law, waitresses and waiters earn around $7.63 an hour. Any waiter or waitress making less are working for someone violating the state's minimum wage law. Also according to the article, states without a minimum wage law are supposed to pay their waiters and waitresses $5.15 an hour (Federal minimum wage). There is simply no way anyone can live off of $2.13 an hour... especially in small towns where people might not tip as large as in big cities at a fancy resturant.

As much as I dislike tips - specifically "tips" that are automatically added to the bill. I feel that tips should not be counted in as minimum wage. It's a bonus and not every customer is going to tip their waiter or waitress unless it's automatically added to the bill.

This new bill, that Republicans are strongly for and Democrats are strongly against, will not only affect waiters and waitresses but any other service where there is tipping including hair/beauty salons, coffee shops, etc, etc. The only thing one can really do is contact your local Congressman/woman and complain about it. Keep in mind to hit those who are Republican hardest since it's obvious those fat cats have never had to work minimum wage let alone in a job where you're going to be paid $2.13 an hour!

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