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Phone system fun!

I am at my wit's end and about to throw my phone out the window!!

First problem is with Bahamas Air. I'm an executive assistant and my boss wanted to make some changes to a flight he's taking to the Bahamas with Bahamas Air. He warned me in advanced that they are morons (his words, not mine) and to be very careful to make the specific change he wanted made--basically he wanted to change his round-trip flight to a one-way flight. Simple enough, right? If only I could get through to the bastards. I look on their website and there's a list of numbers to call and different extensions, i.e. Customer Service, Receptionist, Baggage, etc. I first decide to try Customer Service and the phone rings and then hangs up on me. Hmmm....okay, I try again but this time decide to go through the receptionist because I figure I may not even be calling the right department. Here's how it goes:

Receptionist: Thank you for calling Bahamas Air, how can I help you?

Me: Hi, I'm trying to make a change to a flight reservation and--

Receptionist: You need reservations!! 2423775505!!

Me: ?? *grabbing a pen and paper* Okay, I'm sorry 242...?

Receptionist: 2423775505!! Reservations!!

Me: Okay, t-thanks!

Okay, makes sense. I call Reservations. It's about 4:50 at the time I start calling and first I get hung up on again. Then I get a recording saying they're closed...what? It's not even 5'oclock yet. I decide to try the receptionist to see what their hours are.

Receptionist: Bahamas Air!

Me: Hi I was trying to make a change to a flight and I'm trying to c--

Receptionist: You need to call Reservations!!!

Me: Yes, I know that! But it's saying they're closed now and I wanted to know what their hours are?

Receptionist: 8:30 to 5:30!

Me: *boggle* It's not even 5'oclock yet and it's saying they're closed...

Receptionist: You need to talk to reservations!!

Me: *thinking* No shit, sherlock. Are you able to transfer me to someone specific in that department?

Receptionist: Let me try someone at the counter!


Other person: Bahamas Air!

Me: Hi, I'm trying to make a change to a flight--

Other person: Hold please!


It went on and on like this alternating between getting hung up on or hearing the damn recording about how they were closed everytime I tried calling the reservations line. I should also mention I tried Customer Service more than once seeing if they could help me with the odd fact that reservations closed at 5:30 but apparently stopped answering phones at 5. Each time I tried to talk to Customer Service I got transferred so I just decided to forget it and try this morning. And I know it's hard to convey via the internet but the receptionist wasn't yelling but her voice was raised and I couldn't help feeling like I was being a huge annoyance by even calling there. Again it's hard to express but she just sounded like she wanted to get me off the phone as quickly as humanly possible.

I did finally get a hold of someone this morning. She wasn't out and out rude but was kind of curt and I can see why my boss isn't a huge fan of this company.

I got a ticket last week, I have a lead foot but God bless the officer that pulled me over because he only ticketed me for having the wrong address on my license. I got insanely lucky cuz I was going pretty fast, but back to the point...I need to get my address changed and I know I can do that online but I also wanted to get a new picture taken on my license, so I thought I'd go in and kill two birds with one stone if possible. The picture thing is kind of more of a vanity thing than a necessity but I don't know if that's something that can even be done?? I just have a horrific license picture, I know everyone says they do but mine is REALLY bad. I decided to call the DMV customer service line and see if this is even possible since there wasn't a menu option for "If you'd like to replace your existing Quasimodo-esque picture and make an appointment to take a new one press X!"

I think it may be more trouble than it's worth. I must've called like 8 times now? The number either rings busy at first or I go through about 5 menus to get to where I can be transferred to a live human and THEN have it ring busy or it hangs up on me. WHAT THE HELL?!? I just want to ask a simple question!! Why do I have to jump through hoops just to talk to someone?! >=(
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