Rose (aspencreek) wrote in bad_service,

I just wanna vent...

Taken from my personal LJ, with some language cleaned up.

Memorial Hospital is getting all pissy with us. They turned our account over to collections... and here's the deal.
We called on July 13 to set up payment plan options. $36 a month until it's paid off.
We sent in the check immediately and it was cashed on the 14 or 18 (of July)... can't remember which, but one of those.

So on July 25 they send us that letter from some collection agency! Ryan, my husband, calls and the b**** got nasty with him and said "You were late sending in your payment."
(EDIT: Ryan called Memorial Hospital, not the collections agency. We wanted to be sure they have it in their system that we are on a payment plan. The mean b**** confirmed this, but was still rude and told us we were late, which is why it got sent to collections.)

WTF? It's $36 a MONTH. It hasn't even been a month yet! F***ers.

You know... they need to quit treating people like this. Makes me want to not pay them, even though it's not in MY best interest of course. But they KNOW by now our finanical hardship... we applied for financial aid! And we ARE trying. That's what "they" say... even if you only pay $5 a month, just to show you are trying, they should be okay with you doing that. At least you're paying something.

But to play like this? We haven't screwed them (Memorial Hospital) over before, there was no reason for them to JUMP ON THE THREATS like this. And then to be so pissy on the phone, and say "we were late". How the hell are we late when it hasn't been a month?
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