outcrazyophelia (outcrazyophelia) wrote in bad_service,

My first high pressure salesman

So yesterday I placed an order for a new camera. It's pretty spiffy and it was a low price so I ordered. The site has some problem with billing and shipping addresses being different, and recommended that I call my bank and put my shipping address as an alternate on my account. I called my bank and did so, that wasn't the bad service.

The bad service reared its ugly head when a pushy salesman couldn't take no for an answer.
So he calls to verify my information and I do and its going swimmingly until...

Pushy Guy: Okay so how about I sign you up for the $39.99 NiMh battery and charger deal down from $69.99?

Me: No thank you, I'm not interested at this time.

Pushy Guy: Well you absolutely need these, I promise you the camera won't work without them.

Now I'm quite sure he's lying since I know you can get these batteries retail as well as chargers for much cheaper. And he's calling me at work and I need to get back but he continued.

Me: I'm not in the market for those right now, but thank you.

Pushy Guy: Well why don't you use your credit card?

Me: Uhm...because I don't want to?

Pushy Guy: Tell you what, I'll cut the price down $10 and throw in a free case.

Me: I'm really not in the market and frankly can't afford those right now.

Pushy Guy: Well why would you buy a camera with your last dollars?

Me (Very irritated and insulted at this point in time): Because I have other financial matters to attend to. So are you saying these are the only batteries I can use for this camera? The ones you are attempting to sell me now?

Pushy Guy: Well...no, but...

Me: Thank you for the offer anyway, but no thank you.

There were a few students going through the hallway at this point and he got intimidated and hung up but geez. I'm really not dumb enough to think the camera will explode if I don't buy your overpriced batteries, and prying into my financial matters won't sway me any either. If he wasn't calling to confirm my account I would have told him to screw off in no uncertain terms. Otherwise I was afraid my order would be accidentally lost or some such.

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